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Fence Types and Use of Grass Fences

Fence Types and Use of Grass Fences

31 May 2020

The use of fences is so widespread that they have begun to take their place in every aspect of our lives. It is possible to come across different types of fences in different types, materials, colors and structures. Fences are a security measure that makes our area look beautiful. Fenced gardens and areas are much safer than non-fenced gardens. The present writing will explain the types of fences in terms of fence in your gardens and areas.

Types of Fences

Wire Netting Fence: It is the most common fence type and it is used for a long time. Wire nettings, which are frequently seen around lands, fields and gardens, are used especially in areas with long square meters.

Panel Fence: Panel fence is used commonly; it is costly in terms of visuality and quality. Being durable, looking decorative and aesthetic make these products stand out. Panel fences, which are frequently seen around the living areas, can be made of all kinds of materials.

Portable Fences: It is a type of fence that can be set up and removed immediately especially to determine an area and it can be differentiated according to the material situation.

Machine Safety Protective Fences: These fences are used in factories to provide security in the production area and can be produced in different colors according to the need. Thanks to these fences used for occupational health and safety, many accidents have been prevented.

Steel Construction Fences: These are fences which are manufactured and assembled with heavy and light steel. It can be produced in special shape and pattern on project basis.

Razor Wire Fences: As a result of many incidents, security measures continue to increase. Many areas such as living areas, factories, military zones, are protected by razor wire fence. Razor wires applied on and under the fence is also one of the fence types that need to be paid attention. A little distraction may cause harm.

Wire Mesh Fences: This type of fence, which consists of thin round iron without frame and has squares, is used in many areas. Besides framework it can be made or applied by different methods.

Construction Site Fences: These fences, which surround the construction sites and are useful for safety, are made of materials such as trapezoid, sheet metal, plate and water counter. They are used to provide security around the construction site.

Grass Fences: An innovative product and nature-like grass fences are highly decorative products. The gardens with grass fence are lush all the time in summer and winter. Grass fences are used in areas to provide decorative and architectural beauty, while providing shade to the area. It is used not only in the gardens, but also in shopping centers, roadside, shop windows and cafes. It is resistant to sunlight and rain so that it does not fade easily and requires no maintenance. When you look at the grass fences from afar, you get the impression that you are growing plants on your walls. You can use it not only on the walls, but also on your terraces and balconies. If you want to buy grass fence, you can contact us.

31 May 2020

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