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Grass Fence Costs

Grass Fence Costs

Wallgrass has proven itself in many parts of the world in terms of price performance. Therefore, it is the most preferred grass fence manufacturer.

Two main components that determine the cost of grass fence are grass and aluminum wire. As with each product, there are products of different qualities and price levels in these products. The Wallgrass brand has always kept quality first, as the industry's first and leading brand.

Wallgrass grass fence has drawn production costs to the lowest level by expanding and improving its production capacity without sacrificing quality.

As the master brand of Wallgrass grass fence production, it is confident that the sales prices are the lowest possible prices for a quality product.

Of course, as in every market, there are products at different price levels in the grass fence market. However, it is observed that these products soon lose their color, melt in the face of sunlight and freeze in cold climates.

The Wallgrass grass fence has been tested at desert temperatures for many years and successfully performs its task. Wallgrass has quality and UV certification thanks to its first class components.

The quality of the aluminum wire used in the fence is one of the most determining factors in price. A thick wire does not mean good quality. The fact that the wire is flexible and dense indicates that it is of good quality. The wire is more sturdy to resistance thanks to its flexible and dense structure. Along with this, the stainless aluminum wire should be used. Wallgrass grass fence is produced with first-class aluminum stainless wire.

Another issue that determines the prices of the grass fence is the order quantity. As the order amount increases, the prices of the grass fence decrease. We shared a sample price table with you that we prepared for you.

Price Table

0-100 M2 : 13-15 USD
51-200 M2 : 11- 13 USD
201-1000 M2 : 10- 11 USD
1001-3000 M2 : 9- 10 USD
3,000 -12.000 M2 : Get A Free Quote
12,000 and above M2 : Get A Free Quote

One of the most important issues in evaluating the prices of grass fence is the duration of use. For example, Wallgrass grass fence is used for 5 years in a hot country like Kuwait. In low-quality products, this period is much shorter. Therefore, the grass fence's long usage time is one of the most determining factors in price evaluation.

There are different models of Wallgrass grass fence. Prices differ according to the structure of each grass fence model. For example, Wallgrass grass fence can be produced in different colors. Many colors such as blue, green, or golden yellow. The tone and brightness of the preferred color change the price of the product.

Grass fence panels, which are a different model, are produced by mounting on an iron-framed structure. Grass fence panels are produced in standard sizes of 1,1,5 and 2 square meters. Since there are iron frames outside the grass fence, the prices are higher according to the grass fence.

Apart from this, if the single piece length is 7 meters high, production can be made in special dimensions up to 2.20. The length and width of the grass fence panel are determinative in price. Because the amount and type of iron used are to determine the dimensions of the panel ordered.

Our factory is at a distance of 100 km to Istanbul. Depending on the location of the country you will order, shipping costs occur outside the grass fence.

Wallgrass delivers the lowest freight rates for its customers thanks to its dense shipping traffic.

In this article, we tried to answer your questions about grass fence costs.

Please contact us for different issues you are curious about.

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