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Wallgrass Grass Fence Panel Usage Areas

05 June 2023

Decorative artificial grass fence panels have widespread use in homes, workplaces, restaurants, schools, hospitals, fairs and events areas, shopping centers, gardens, roofs, balconies, terrace landscapes, children's areas, and pool sides.

Wallgrass panels have a wide usage area. Artificial grass panels, an economical product that does not require maintenance like natural grass, is an advantageous product that always has a green appearance. While the natural grass appearance improves the aesthetic appearance of the spaces, it can be used in factories, schools, villas, or facilities where privacy is important with peace of mind in terms of not showing inside from the outside. It is a product that is not affected by solar rays, resistant to cold and hot season conditions, not being worn away, is long-lasting, and does not require maintenance. When it is compared with natural grass, it does not have irrigation, fertilization, maintenance costs and it provides an economic advantage.

05 June 2023

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