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Artificial Grass Installation in Dubai, Garden and Sports Turf

31 May 2020

Artificial grass installation is very important and it must be done by Professional staff in order to have a good surface for the users. Grass Fences company has well trained staff artificial grass installation in Dubai and We have already did a lot of sports field construction in and Middle East countries.


Our Services in Dubai


We are making constructing of outdoor and indoor sport facilities in Dubai, basketball courts in Dubai, sports artificial grass installation in Dubai, multi use sport fields installation in Dubai, tennis courts in Dubai, garden artificial grass, artificial grass wall covering, artificial grass fence panels, artificial grass fence rolls, pvc wire fence surroundings installatin in Dubai..etc. We are using different materials for basketball and tennis courts. We do these fields from pu, acrylic and artificial grass.

Artificial grass for tennis and multi purpose fields must be in short pile in order to have a good ball performance. Our company has a lot of references in Middle East and United Arab Emirates. Artificial grass installation in Dubai is not difficult for Turkish workers. It is very easy to go and come back and no need any visa.


Wall Grass Installation in Dubai


Our previous references show that We do very high quality surfaces and sports facilities for people. Dubai tennis courts and basketball courts must be surrounded by wallgrass in order to prevent dust entering to the playing field. If the surroundings are not good the fields may have a lot of dust and gravel inside which is not good for the field.

Our artificial grass panels are also ideal for indoor and outdoor installation in both residential and commercial spaces. Give your business or home a fresh new look by decorating wall space, privacy panels, with our faux grass wall covering. Our products of artificial grass on fence can install or use it in windy areas.

Exterior artificial grass panels are becoming more and more popular due to constantly changing weather conditions, water restrictions, and replacement costs. You will find a lush green wall at the airport waiting for hall, city gallery reception or a hotel lounge area. It’s not necessarily a replacement, however, it’s there to fit a need. Poor light, difficult and low maintenance areas for a reduced budget.


Artificial Grass Panels Resistance to Natural Conditions


Fake grass wall covering it’s going to meet some pretty fierce conditions: wind, rain and bright sunlight First is the part you don’t see, the glue support through it, to keep its shape. Indoors, the wind is not that strong but outside it can be gale force. This means that the supporting glue has to be strong enough to resist the winds Customer service is very important to us; we only supply the highest quality products to our valued customers.

31 May 2020

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