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Considerations When Surrounding Your Garden with Wallgrass!

31 May 2020

Fruit trees in the gardens both look beautiful, and provide shade, you have a chance to taste the fruits. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make the fruit business, not just for eating themselves. Not every fruit tree can adapt to every soil and season. Trees live longer than other living things. Fruit tree planting has a very critical importance, if you do something wrong, it may cause you many years to be wasted.

Importance of Soil in Fruit Tree Planting; The nest of the trees is soil as you know. You can choose which fruits to plant according to the soil structure. If you see which fruits are more consumed by paying attention to your people around you, you can plant trees accordingly. Well-ventilated medium soils are ideal for fruit growing. Some fruit trees love heavy soils, while others grow on smoother soils.

The roots of fruit trees; depending on the structure of the soil and the weather conditions of the area, they can go to depths of 4-5 meters. It is possible to find most of the roots within the first 1 meter. The soil has a chemical structure and feeds the trees according to its structure. There are elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, zinc and iron in the soil. The soil also has a ph value. Fruit species are usually ph7 and develop well in the soil and give beautiful fruit.

Fruits grow according to soil structure; Hazelnut, chestnut trees like acidic soils, almonds, apricot and olive trees like calcareous soils. In order for the fruit trees to grow well, the soil must be watered.

Climate is very important for fruit trees; The climate affects the development of the tree, its yield and the quality of the fruit. Some trees are hot and some love cold climate. In the spring, frost damage to the fruits of trees. In extreme cold weather, buds can freeze. In extreme winds, the flowers of the trees are lost before holding fruit. In rainy and windy weather, the bees do not travel much. Some trees are prepared during the summer months. When it is too cold, some trees can freeze. If different types of fruit are to be included in a garden, they must be planted separately. Fruit trees grow better if separate parcels are formed. Fertilization, spraying and maintenance vary according to tree species, that’s the reason the trees should not be planted mixed.

There are many types of apple trees. By planting apple trees in your garden you will benefit from its shade and you will be eaten nice fruit. Cherry, plum apricot, grape, pomegranate are among the most common fruits in gardens. Landscaping firms in the city have recently started to equip the gardens with fruit trees. Fruit trees are both beautiful and you can eat your fruits easily.

When arranging your garden you can use wallgrass to create independent areas and surrounding walls. Wallgrass is a product that blends with your garden and adapts to nature. It is not affected by any season and ensures the safety of your garden. Fruit trees in the garden will create magnificent images, you’ll make it decorative with wallgrass. I recommend that you buy the wallgrass from a reliable company.

31 May 2020

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