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Decorative Hedge Panel

31 May 2020

Private areas are very important for all families in the World.People are looking for some items to cover their walls, gardens or places for a secret life or for security.The manufacturers are offering a lot of different items to cover or close the garden and private areas. There are different types of fences in the market. A lot of people prefer to use decorative garden fences to cover the gardens or walls. Decorative garden fences are made of galvanized wires and has twisted artificial grass on it. Gardens are private areas which everbody wants to seat alone and without any disturbance from outside. Garden border fences can be made of plastic or wooden products. Wallgrass is a very famous brand to cover anywhere by green .Green is the best colour to cover or close some places.It gives freshness and a nice atmosphere for users.Furthermore garden border fences can be manufactured in sizes as well. Wallgrass artificial fences can be manufactured in different heights.The heights are 80 cm ,100 cm, 120 cm,150 cm and 200 cm.

Wallgrass products are very strong for UV lights and fires.It has an additive inside the thread to prevent fires. Garden and fence maintenance must be easy for consumers. Wallgrass garden fences are very easy for installation and do not require any maintenance. It can be easily washed by water and do not affect from any weather condition.There is no need to call somebody to install or fix decorative garden fences. Wallgrass is the best option as garden border fences.

Artificial grass wall is manufactured and packaged in rolls at Integral factories, in width sizes of 50cm, 100cm, 120cm, and 150cm. The rolls can be cut in any size by a basic wire cutter and fixed with connection wire. It is not really a difficult task to do it. Depending in the size of your garden, it is a one man job, but when you are installing it a helper would be better to carry the rolls, and hold the corners when you are securing the parts.


Hedge Panel Installation Tips – DIY


Once the parts are secured from the corners, they are fixed with special wall grass connection wires at interval of 50cm. Artificial grass wall also comes as panel wall grass which are produced as panels and secured with special connection apparatus. Again, installation is easy, mostly one man job, bur a helper would be great to finish the job quickly as well as to carry and holding the panels. You can always ask Integral for help.

After the installation of artificial grass wall, your garden will have a natural look without maintenance cost for years. As a matter of fact, artificial grass wall does not need any maintenance to keep it clean. Besides, it does not contain any harmful substances. You can use it at garden or surrounding.

Production of faux grass wall covering – Wall Grass factory Video. How artificial grass fence panels are manufactured?



Ideas For Artificial Grass Fence Panels ?



Whether you’re decorating your home, fence, balcony or wall, instant portable artificial grass fence panels are an easy and instant way to get the results you want. They’re also perfect for offices, or shops to add some greeny indoor areas.


Ideas for artificial grass fence panels


• As we all know, a wide selection of artificial grass fence panels will enhance the look of your home and your office space! Each of our artificial grass fence panels are covering like the real one due to it is structure which is made of high quality fiber threads. You can choose the products of artificial grass on the wall with your installation according to Your needs into different styles, shapes.

• All artificial wall grass types are popular for decorating leisure square, house garden fence or anywhere where You want to decorate. Wall Grass can be installed with a wire very easily and it looks a nice view and relaxing people while looking at it.

• It is durable for years and for UV light. It is washable and can be used in any weather conditions. Grass fence panels technology is patented and produced in Turkey and exported to all over the World. Our faux Wall Grass products can be used indoor and outdoor. It does not contain any toxic material inside.


Where Wall Grass rolls are maufactured?


Our WallGrass “faux grass wall covering” products are manufactured in Turkey. All our procts are “Made in Turkey“


How to become an artificial grass fence retail dealer in my country?


Artificial grass fence retail businesses sell directly to the final consumer. Becoming a retailer requires considerable planning and risk, but it can be a profitable business if you accomplish following tasks:

Operating an artificial grass fence retail business is not an easy task, and you need to carefully consider the challenge before getting into it. Ask yourself if you can embark these challenges. For example, you may end up working twelve hours a day, most weekends and holidays. Or, you may not always get the supervising or steady support, so you should be able good at multitasking and comfortable taking risks. Call Integral to get more information about how to become an artificial grass fence retail dealer in you country.

Classic store retailing is the most traditional type, but selling online is popular. Most online retailers do not have a physical store. Online retailing basically covers all aspects of store retailing but does not actually have a store front. You can always get help from Integral regarding whether an online store or physical store or both.

In addition to selling online it is best to offer installation, this will help customer to trust and rely on you.

You also consider forming a partnership when you decide you because an artificial grass fence retailer in your country.

31 May 2020

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