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31 May 2020

Home or Business fences are usually crucial for the whole area to look beautiful. Along with the evolving technology of the decoration products, the activities in the decoration world have gained momentum and it is revealed that there must be something beautiful in the garden fence or wire garden fence to work with the title of “wall grass”. Synthetic Integral fence grass is a comprehensive product designed to decorate fences or walls. This product ensures that garden fence can beautify many things from home fences to business fences, walls to surrounding structures effectively.

The aim of the Integral grass is;

• Your fences will have natural look

• You will get rid of insects and bugs effectively

• Right design and decoration for the wire garden fence

• To provide maintenance free green environment

• To lower water consumption

• To combine security and decoration

• To lower the costs of both maintenance and security

The design of the decorative hedge panel has a different style than other normal fences. There is nice natural and green feel about the product, architecture wise. It is more natural and original looking, compared to other galvanized plain wire fences such as mesh wire, and barbed wire. The structure has a touch of traditional fence architecture, and its synthetic grass is quite inspirational about natural grass, not reminding the artificial grass covered in the product. Strong materials such as steel wires are used to provide integrity of the wire garden fence and the colors are mostly greenish to provide a sense of identity to your fences and walls. Besides, it keeps the bugs and insects away because they can not feed from the synthetic grass.



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31 May 2020

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