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How to Plant Seedlings? Protect Your Trees with Wallgrass!

31 May 2020

Who doesn’t love trees that are friends of humanity and nature? Trees that play an important role in the cleaning of the air for health also give beautiful fruits. How to plant trees that make the streets and gardens better? I want everyone to plant a tree and share this happiness. Man should have a piece in the world, why shouldn’t this be a tree, you can plant a beautiful tree that benefits humanity.


What Should Be Done To Plant Sapling?


To plant a tree, you need soil. In recent years, many trees have been planted in landscape applications. Not only landscaping, but also municipalities and volunteers plant many saplings in the environment. How to plant the sapling, if you wish to learn and begin to equip our environment with trees.

Before planting the seedlings, the soil must be prepared. The area to be planted is fertilized and applied, and some sand may be added to keep the seedlings well. First, a pit for the seedlings should be opened to cover the root of the seedlings.

• The most important criterion is that the pit is not less than 60 cm.

• The soil from the top should be placed in separate places from the bottom, while the soil is filled from the top to the bottom of the pit and the soil from the bottom should be thrown to the top.

• The bottom of the pit should be treated with water a little.


It is better to open the pits a while before the seedlings are planted. If strong wind is blowing in the area, it must be fixed with supports. The stakes should be smooth, knotless and unshelled. If the end part to be stuck in the soil is burned or tarred, it will last longer.


Once the pit is opened, the seedlings are placed flat in the pit. Trees to be planted can be in the form of tubes or open roots. Tubular seedlings: nylon bagged and potted saplings that will protect the soil and moisture in its roots. If you are to plant a tubular sapling, the soil must be carefully removed from the soil at the beginning of the pit without spreading the soil. After the soil is thrown into the pit, it is pressed to the bottom by pressing with a foot on the soil. During planting, the seedlings should never take the wind and should not see the sunlight. The perimeter of the seedlings should be spotted and the irrigation area with a depth of 10-15 cm should be formed.

If the planting process is successful, now there is a process of giving life to the seedlings. While giving water to the soil, it is necessary not to mud. After the water is given, the seedlings should be watered at certain intervals. Sometimes you can ventilate the soil by making hoeing.

If you’ve equipped your garden with seedlings, you can protect the seedlings and the surrounding of your garden by wallgrass. Wallgrass integrates with trees, reflecting nature and decorativeity. If the weather is rainy or excessive sunshine exists, the seedlings may get damaged, you should not do planting. If you plan to plant bare-rooted seedlings, you should choose the appropriate season. If you are going to make wallgrass around your garden and seedlings, I recommend you to work with the right companies.

31 May 2020

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