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Leaf Wallgrass Begins to Enter Our Lives!

31 May 2020

Green color provides comfort to people and helps to correct psychology. No matter how natural and artificial it is, the green color goes deep into the depths of the human soul and frees it from stress. Love to a tree, love to a flower cannot be described and unrequited love.

Leaf wallgrass: a product that you do not need to mow, does not fade in winter, does not need water, does not get affected by sunlight and brings nature to your feet. As you can get rid of maintenance costs, your environment will have a beautiful view.

The panel fences on which the leaves stand are painted with electro-static paint used in the vehicles and exhibit a lot of resistance to corrosion. Because the gaps are so dense, the densety increases more because of the artificial leaves, which are placed on the panel fences as well as preventing the entrance of anything from the outside. If you love nature, leaf wallgrass; will remind you green in summer, winter, and autumn. Since there is no visibility from outside, you can sit comfortably in your garden and in your private space.

Consider natural lawns in your garden, there is ivy surrounding wall fences and safety rails. But keep in mind that such living plants need care. Maintenance is started by pruning. Not only that; You will also need to do other maintenances such as irrigation and fertilization. It is very difficult to distinguish the leaves that are air-permeable and aesthetically pleasing on the wallgrass.

This product, which is suitable for use in all areas with its aesthetic appearance, has been used in many areas by those interested in landscape architecture and decoration. Leaf wallgrass; It can be applied in the areas where panel application is done or in the case that there is no panel. Products with ease of application can be assembled in a short time. What matters is the most important thing to consider; working with companies that produce high quality products and make the installation properly.

Leaf wallgrass adds color to your life. Artificial turf used on leaf wallgrass does not require extra care, so you can use it safely and healthily.


Where Are Leaf Wallgrass Used?


• Because they provide aesthetics while providing security, leaf wallgrass are often used.

• Because theay are maintenance-free, low maintenance cost and time saving.

• It gives you the feeling of being in nature and allows you to live in a spacious environment.

• It keeps privacy because it does not let being seen from inside or outside.

• It looks aesthetically and make the area beautiful.

• As it is easy to apply, it is preferred.

• As it is also applied to existing fences and walls, the bad image disappears.


If you want to make leaf wallgrass, you must first do the cost estimate of the area and clarify the measurement. There are companies that make leaf wallgrass; But both in production and assembly processes, problems can occur. Lawns bring nature to your area, allows you to relax and show your space beautiful.


31 May 2020

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