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Metal Garden Fence

31 May 2020

You can utilize artificial grass covering in your metal garden fence, sports field perimeter, and street sides. It gives your walls natural look and encourages you to cover anyplace effortlessly basically. Also, Grass fence panels do not require painting, since it is as of encompassed by artificial grass. Call Integral now and, get some information about the distinctive shades of metal garden fence.

The establishment of artificial grass fence is very simple. It is, for the most part, one man work contingent upon the territory. Be that as it may, a partner yet be great to convey the rolls and hold the corners when you anchoring them with connecting wires. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, it is fixed by connecting wires. Just instruments you require are wire cutter and some wire to tie the rolls up.

The artificial grass coated grass fence panels are uniquely covered with fake grass which has also protection from UV lights. Thus, it keeps its natural look all seasons.

• Furthermore, neither the watering nor the maintenance is required.

• The panels comes in different widths, such as 50 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm, and 200 cm. And, the lengths are standard as 10m. But, after the installation joining edges are not seen, so all the parts look as one part, and natural.

The metal garden fence covering comes in two different ways in rolls or panels. The two items are very easy to install, and after the installation no maintenance required. It is offered a guarantee for the life expectancy of the items for three years. You can simply get point by point data from Integral group about all of their products.

31 May 2020

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