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Most Used Trees in Landscaping and Gardens Surrounded by Wallgrass!

31 May 2020

There are a lot of plant types used in landscaping projects, but in our article, we will touch on the most used tree species. If you have decided to have a garden and you do not know which trees to use, you can get support from professionals as well as you can get information. In landscaping projects, not only trees, but also natural lawns, ornamental plants and plants of different beauty are used. Let’s start talking about plant species that look both decorative and make your garden beautiful.


What are the Most Used Tree Types in Gardens?


You can use different trees by doing research other than the tree species that are used a lot. You can choose tree species according to your garden location, environmental conditions and usage purpose.

Blue Cedar Tree; Because they grow very fast, they managed to enter the list of the most preferred trees. Blue cedars are often preferred because they are resistant to cold weather and do not have any problems with the soil. A well-grown cedar tree can grow up to 25 meters.

Japanese Maple; The edges of this tree with narrow leaves are thinly serrated, leaf color is red and bronze. Japanese Maple with different leaf color and shape is an indispensable tree species for landscape architects. It should be grown in places where the wind is not much. This type of tree loses its leaves in winter.

Smoke Tree; This type of tree drops leaves in cold weather and blooms pink pubescent flowers. The color of the leaves is a burgundy and it is a striking plant.

Amelanchier; Edible fruits and visuals make this tree attractive. In spring, the tree that grows white flowers can reach up to 3 meters in length. It is resistant to cold weather and is a deciduous tree only in winter. It can live in all kinds of soil.

Judas Tree; Judas tress are able to attract people with their wonderful color and fragrance, bloom purplish flowers. It is a very decorative plant in terms of leaf color and flowers. It is a beautiful product that loves sunny environments and deciduous in winter.

Ornamental Cherry; flowers are pinkish at the beginning of spring, before come into leaves. The downward extension of the branches, in particular, makes the ornamental cherry very beautiful. Because of its resistance to cold weather and its coloration to the garden, it is often preferred in landscape applications.

Tulip Tree; The blooming tree, which looks like a fragrant tulip with the beginning of summer, turns its leaves yellow in autumn. But when it turns its leaves yellow, it takes on a completely different beauty and it drops its leaves when the winter approaches.


Use Wallgrass in Your Garden!


Wallgrass has an aesthetic appearance with artificial lawns surrounding non-corroded wires that have passed through multiple processes. The wallgrass blocks unwanted images and make your summer-winter garden look green. Both security and decoration are provided with wallgrass. Wallgrass is not a product that require maintenance like natural lawns. Expenses such as water, fertilizer, mowing are not applicable in this product. If you want to have wallgrass in your garden, you can prefer companies with quality production and installation.

31 May 2020

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