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Ornamental Plants and Wallgrass used in Gardens!

31 May 2020

Increased urbanization increases the longing for trees, flowers and grasses day by day. Different kinds of plants are used in landscaping. What is the most preferred in outdoor areas and how should the garden be organized? Landscape applications should not be started without recognizing the natural plant environment and without knowing the architectural structure. If you act without knowing the natural structure of your environment, you can cause trees and plants to die.


Plants Used in Gardens!


Large Trees and Ornamental Trees; Trees grow according to their species and environment. An average tree can range from 1 meter to 20 meters. Smaller trees are called ornamental trees or small trees. Landscaping areas cannot be without trees, so trees should be planted around the garden and the main areas. Trees are very preferred because they provide shade and surrounding. You can sit in the shade of the trees in the hot weather in summer.

Decorative Bushes; Shrubs with lengths from 10 cm to 5 meters provide a decorative image. The bushes, which play a complementary role in landscaping, have different colors and images. The Bushes are used to add difference to the landscape application and to differentiate the stability of the extended plain. The bushes planted in the pots can be used in terraces and courtyards. What are the types of bushes? Broom brush, badger, chinese rose, oleander, scarlet firethorn, gardenia, and evonymus are some kinds of bush.

Climbing Plants; These plant species, which are thin in shape, are surrounded by walls, trees, buildings and camellias to create a beautiful view. Climbing plants; It can be flowering and unflowerness, thus producing an artistic image. It is possible to come across the evergreen plants and deciduous plants in every winter. Climbing plants make a place above and hang down again to create a beautiful image. Such plants grow with little soil and look great. You can use these plants to hide the areas that are not beautiful in appearance, such as poles and walls.

Ground Cover Plants; they are short plants that cover the ground like carpet. These plant species, which are used in terraces and courtyards spreading to the ground, can be in different colors and textures. Especially in soils that can slip, the soil will be protected against erosion.

Seasonal Flowers; Colorful flowers that are used for outdoor places add vitality to your garden. Of course, the flowers bloom according to the season and they can drop the leaves in the cold. This situation varies completely according to the type. They are produced with seeds and are frequently used in landscaping. It can be used not only in gardens but also in balconies and terraces. It blooms in certain months depending on the season, and in some months they turn yellow.

Bulbous plants and grass plants are also used in the gardens. While you are arranging your garden with herbs, you can also surround them with wallgrass. Wallgrass is green in summer and winter, and maintenance-free products. You can think of them as artificial grass around the wall. If you want your garden both safe and visually beautiful with wallgrass, you should work with the right companies.

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31 May 2020

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