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The Different Garden Types That You Can Apply to and the Importance of Wallgrass

31 May 2020

The gardens are the relaxation areas that you find peace, your stress, the rest of you and your family. If you are going to make a garden from the beginning and you want to organize your garden, you can do it yourself or a team of experts can support. You can work with landscape architects or start by drawing a sketch by yourself. The most critical to be done before the gardens are organized; the plan of the garden, permanent tree and similar items to determine. The next process is to determine what to do. Let’s look at the various garden models you can apply to your garden.


How to Make Japanese Garden?


Every person who loves nature can create beautiful things with different touches while arranging his garden. When you are in the garden, you are absolutely affected by your surroundings and make arrangements as required by the conditions. How about reducing nature to small size? You can give a mountain view to the small hills to symbolize the mountains in your garden. You can create a mini nature by making ornamental pools similar to the sea and lakes. You can create a beautiful nature with tiny trees and green fields.


How to make Zen Garden?


The Zen garden, which goes deep into the soul and reflects the philosophy of Buddhism, represents a belief. When such gardens are built and designed as a rest and meditation garden. In Zen gardens, stone and soil are used very much, and strips are formed from sand and soil. Zen gardens are intended to be bring the simplicity, and the spirit is intended to be relaxed.


How to make Water Gardens?


There is no one who doesn’t know the relaxing sound of water… With your water gardens, your garden can be beautifully designed. When designing a water garden, you can design different gardens by including light and sound. If you want to design a peaceful garden, you should use the water in your garden. To design a water garden; You can make miniatures and large waterfalls, ponds, ornamental pools and small streams.


How to Make Minimalist Gardens?


If you like plain and flat gardens, the minimalist gardens are just right for you. Among the gardens, which are suitable for being able to stay away from the show off and they can be changed easily, and there are lots of structural materials in these gardens. Gardens created according to a story or thought, they stay away from too much chaos.


Wallgrass integrates with your garden!


You have designed a beautiful garden with plants, stones, lands and trees, and it’s time to surround your garden. You can surround your garden or you can create different independent areas if you wish. In addition, wallgrass is not only used in gardens, but also in areas such as balconies, terraces and roofs. Wallgrass that combines well with the plants in your garden are beautiful products reflecting nature. Summer does not matter at all, always remaining green and they look just real when looked from a distance, they will adapt to your garden.

Wallgrass do not need care like other plants. If you are going to organize your garden, you must give space to wallgrass. In the summer, they do not need to be irrigated, and during the winter, they are not affected by the snow, and it ensures the safety of your garden. If you want to create an independent space for yourself and do not want anything to be seen from the outside, you can easily use wallgrass. If you want to work with experts in their field, you should contact the right companies who have good references. By following us, you can continue to read Part 2 of this article.

31 May 2020

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