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The Perimeter Will Look Better With Grass Fence Containers!

31 May 2020

As urbanization increased, interest and desire for Nature began to increase. In psychology, there is something like this; if one thing is less, the interest in the relevant thing increases more. What is less is more valuable and more important. Now I want to tell you about a product; grass fences, which are normally designed for garden walls and are a decorative type of fence, have also been used in different areas.

Lawn fences are decorative, stylish, functional and reminiscent of nature. Grass fences are a product of a combination of artificial grass and fences. It looks as if your fences are covered in grass, and protects the summer and winter greenery. The most important features of decorative grass hedges are that they are absolutely non-fading, non-flame, non-spillable and non-perishable due to their artificial structure. Because of its longevity, grass fences are the preferred reason. Grass fences can be used not only on the walls but also on the exterior cladding of buildings, surrounding sports fields, covering stops, covering places that do not want to be seen, terraces, poolside areas, site and building circles, cafes, restaurants and shop windows. Lawn fences can be used in all areas of imagination and architectural design.


Use Of Lawn Fences In Garbage Containers!


By covering the perimeter of the decorative grass fence garbage containers, you can create a beautiful image. In particular, city planners and Landscape Architects have their garbage containers and garbage bins covered with grass fencing. Garbage containers covered with grass fences can be washed at any time. Lawn fences are resistant to the UV rays of the sun and are not affected by any natural events such as rain and snow. Grass fences to be used outdoors will beautify your surroundings. Rather than deteriorating, wet grass fences can be cleaned by themselves. The colors of grass hedges do not fade and can last for many years. Because the wires of the grass fence are galvanized, they have stainless properties.



Technical Characteristics Of Grass Hedges



The grass fences are 1.50 mm thick and their wires are galvanized and last covered as PVC. They are very resistant to breakage, heat and cold weather. PVC coated wire is long-lasting, economical and environmentally beneficial products.

Lawn fences can vary according to quality and characteristics. By covering the walls on the sides of the road, a more beautiful image is obtained. The yearning for Green is increasing day by day as concrete increases. This is exactly where the lawn fence comes into play, all gardens and areas can beautify. Instead of rough, visually uneven and quickly deformed fences, grass fences can be used. Grass hedges are also available with different characteristics, but generally green color is standard. If you wish, you can also cover the area around your garden or restaurant with leaves and grass fences. If you want to make a grass fence and use long life, you should make the right product selection. If you need a lawn fence, please contact us.

31 May 2020

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