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Trees To Plant In Your Garden and Wallgrass Surrounding Your Garden

31 May 2020

Arranging a garden is a professional job, either with an expert team, or as a result of a rigorous reserach. Hundreds of thousands of plants and trees are available in the gardens. When your garden is green and colorful, you will have a different peace. Do you know the types of trees that landscape architects and landscaping firms use the most in their landscaping?


What are the Types of Trees Frequently Used in Landscape Works?


There are different types of beautiful trees. Some of the trees bloom, some of them give fruit, some trees have remarkable design.


Wood Laurel


The leaves of the wood laurel, which keeps its green four seasons and blooms the eye-catching pink flowers in the spring months. It likes to grow in less shaded areas and grows better in acidic soils. It is a kind of tree which is resistant to cold weather.


Heavenly Bamboo


The leaves of heavenly bambusus, which are green in summer and winter and whose branches resemble leaves, are green in spring and in autumn the leaves turn pink. Towards the middle of the summer months, the flowers are white and similar to the flowers.


Purple Pearl


In the middle of the summer, the flowers bloom in lilac and in the winter months they give the fruits of purple color similar to grapes. It loses its leaves in winter, but very resistant to cold weather. The branches of the fruits are used as ornaments in interior spaces.


Blue Spruce


It is a tree species that is used frequently and even in landscapes. It can even live on sandy soils if it is not arid.


Silk Tree


The leaves of silk tree are very thin and transparent, blooms in summer. The blossoms are pinkish red, so they look good in the gardens. It is a tree with low shade and resistant to cold weather.




In May, grape-like flowers give pink-colored flowers. It is a kind of plant that loves the sun and loves the cold air.


Pinking Tree


The most important feature of this tree, which is in the form of bunches of flowers, is its resistance to polluted air. Purple, red, pink and white flowering pinking tree is a decorative plant.


Droopily Birch


Its body is white shell and peelable. It is in the form of a leaf, its branches hang downwards, and a beautiful view emerges. Even in the winter, the leaves appear to be very decorative because of its white body.


Star Magnolia


The star magnolia looks like layer by layer star, and it blooms white flowers and resists cold weather, and grows very fast.


Palace Magnolia


Before the leaves come out, tulip-like pink flowers bloom, it resists to cold weather. The palace magnolia loves the sun, the non-shade areas should be preferred when planting. It is a plant that leaves come out after losing its flowers.

When you arrange your gardens, it is beneficial to use the wallgrass. It reflects the most beautiful color of nature the green very well. No need for maintenance, creates security and provides privacy. You can surround the area with the wallgrass. They are not affected by weather conditions, they are indistinguishable from the real that they are artificial. It is a product used mostly by landscape architects. If you want to have wallgrass, companies who do high quality production and installation should be prefered.

31 May 2020

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