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What Should be Done to the Terraces? Terraces Covered with Wallgrass!

31 May 2020

The terraces have become areas that can be used not only during the summer season, but also in winter. When you are sitting in four closed walls, terrace is the door of your house opens outside. You can grow plants on terraces and create beautiful resting environments. You can have clean air, spend time with your plants and collectthe vegetables you plant. It will give you energy by freeing you from stress. Relaxing, airing, socializing, eating, invitations, and more, are the activities that can be done on the terraces. If you have a terrace or you want to rebuild it, you should plan first.


How should the terraces be?


The terraces can be on the ground floor and integrate into the garden. Sometimes it is on the ground floor, but it can have an independent area. The terraces can also be on the roofs and on the upper floors. The terraces on the ground floor can be separated from the garden by making wood, tiles and different flooring. You can arrange your terrace by identifying the needs that are appropriate for the general architecture of the house and the environment. The general architectural structure of the house and whether it is elevayed or not, determines how to arrange the terrace.


You can fence your terraces with Wallgrass!


After the terrace floor is made, it can be covered with fences and similar materials. Regardless of the architectural structure of the house, I can offer you wallgrass. Wallgrass is a decorative product that give a natural appearance to the area. You can create fully independent fields with this product if you wish, and it provides privacy. You can adjust the height. The most beautiful color of nature, which reflects the green in the best way, do not need maintenance. They also provide safety and look decorative. Moreover, in the summer and winter, they offer you a green space.

As I mentioned above, you can sit on your terrace in the summer. You can have fun in the winter months by using heaters. You should install the heater in such a way that it warms the area where you are sitting, and where possible, from above. Before building the terrace floor, you should pay attention to the insulation. The reason is that if there are seating areas under your terrace, there is no water leakage. Otherwise, you may need to break the floor and make adjustments from the beginning.

• The tops of the terraces can be fully open and closed.

• There are many terraces in the form of closed and semi-open space.

• If you want to use your terrace in summer and winter, it is useful to have it covered.

• The floor of the terraces is better if it is made of non-slip materials.


You take precautions for falling and slipping. Since you will spend time in the evenings on the terraces, lighting systems must be installed. The lighting system could be more in the seating areas.


The terraces, furniture and plants that you will use on the terraces should be compatible. I don’t want to think of a terrace without a plant. If your terrace is not integrated with the garden, you can grow beautiful flowers and trees in the pots. If you want to grow vegetables and fruits, you can grow them on suitable containers. If you want to have wallgrass in your terrace, you should work with experts in their field. You will be more happy as your terrace becomes beautiful.

31 May 2020

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