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What to Consider When Designing Your Garden?

31 May 2020

The gardens, which allow you to breathe and have a pleasant time, give your soul peace. What do you dream of a garden and what you want to have? The first thing that comes to mind is the beauties of trees, lawns, and flowers. Designing and implementing garden applications requires expertise. However, the number of people who are doing this work as an amateur and who produce very successful results is a lot.


Your garden must be proportional!


The first thing to consider when designing your garden is that your garden is proportional. An unorganized garden is enough to narrow the spirits of you and your surroundings.

• When you plan to plant trees, it is not arbitrary, you should plan according to a planning and dimensioning.

• When choosing for your garden, you should choose proportional plant and garden materials.


Planting a large tree in a small garden will make your garden look bad. If you select very small bits next to the big tree, you override the proportional rule. The plants and accessories you choose should be suitable not only for your garden, but also for your home. In order not to be in contrast, do not plant mixed plants, prefer to sew in a harmonious way. Every object and plant you use in your garden, from shapes, sizes, colors to types, should be in harmony with your home. What style does your house reflect? Ottoman architecture or modern? Which style reflects, you should arrange your garden accordingly.



Timing is very important when arranging the garden!


If you are doing landscaping, you must do the organizing in order. Landscape works should not be started before the sub base works. You must organize your garden at the same time as construction works. Even though the timing goes parallel with the construction, you should act by sorting the tree planting order and so on. First of all, the plants to be planted should be selected and planted according to the season. In the last stage, the lawn should be laid.


Your garden must be symmetrical!


If you are going to walk in your garden you must act according to a certain symmetry. No structure appears to be trapezoidal and zigzag-like. Tree should not be crooked, but straight. You should never put the plants in mess. Symmetry refers to a situation in which people live in a certain order. Non-symmetrical environments do not give confidence to people.


You should give importance to visuality in your garden!


The more stylish your garden design is, the more it will appeal to the eye. Your garden, where you will spend your time to listen, eat, sunbathe and have fun, should look beautiful. In winter, most of the time is spent in homes, but if your garden looks beautiful, when you look from your window or when seen from the outside, it makes you happy. You should prune the tree branches in your garden and create a good image, you should mow the lawn and arrange it. When you design the garden, you can look at your garden from above and shape it.

You can use wallgrass and artificial turf when designing a garden. Wallgrass and artificial lawns reduce maintenance costs and give you a lot of time to relax. Wallgrass and artificial grass appear green in summer and winter. Wallgrass that provide security on your walls also give a decorative appearance. If you want to make wallgrass or artificial grass, you should prefer quality manufacturing companies.

31 May 2020

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