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29 November 2022

Wallgrass is designed in a flexible structure to make your environment more aesthetic. The design is an aesthetic appearance obtained by combining fineness and naturalness. Wallgrass adds aesthetics to your environment. You can cover not only your garden surroundings but also many products that are part of your daily life with Wallgrass. In other words, Wallgrass allows you to apply its aesthetic appearance to the areas you want with its flexible structure. Wallgrass gives you the opportunity to imagine and practice. You can turn an unpleasant garbage can into an aesthetic piece by covering it with Wallgrass. By covering the arbour in your garden with Wallgrass, you can have a more natural and private area. Your doors can gain a green natural look with Wallgrass. Imagine and apply to capture naturalness and aesthetics with the Wallgrass grass fence in many more areas.

29 November 2022

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